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Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communications

Many projects fail because a key element of project success – stakeholder engagement – was neglected, undervalued, or poorly timed. An audience that feels ignored will be a frustrated audience. We believe all parties affected by an organization’s decisions should be fully informed and engaged and feel that their input is truly valued. Ecologix Group can expand your capacity to listen, and see your relationships with stakeholders developed, nurtured and strengthened through trusted dialogue.

Public Policy Analysis and Response

It can be difficult to focus and understand pending changes in public policy when you have other responsibilities to manage. EcoLogix Group can track, analyze, and provide recommendations on how your organization should position itself. Taking a strategic, proactive approach to reviewing and identifying new opportunities, or identifying risk in the context of external perceptions, EcoLogix Group keeps its clients ahead of the issues and gives them the opportunity to lead, rather than follow the changes.

Organizational Support Services

Think of our team as an extension of yours. Where do you lack capacity? Chances are our team of experts can help you save time, money, and achieve successful outcomes for your programs and projects – large or small. By providing organizational support based in experience and subject matter expertise, we expand our client’s ability to address the issues at hand in the short term and to expand their capacity to manage issues over the long term.


Regulation and Compliance Support

Our experienced team of former federal, state and local government officials; nonprofit, private industry and business leaders; and legal and legislative experts can help you navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements and develop creative solutions for taking advantage of opportunities presented by new or revised regulations, while still meeting the requirements and maintaining compliance. We’ll help you through the red tape to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

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Connecting  with Diverse Communities
Grant Funding & Emission Reduction
Business Development & Marketing Services
Environmental Litigation Support
Regulation & Compliance Support
Solid Waste Planning and Operations
USACE Navigation Project Support
Water Quality Nutrient Trading Support
Strategic Communications