For more than 20 years, EcoLogix Group, Inc. has been helping our clients achieve challenging goals by serving as trusted advisors and mentors, providing practical advice based on a solid technical foundation. From management support and regulatory analysis to stakeholder engagement, our experience affords our clients the knowledge and expertise to save time and money while producing better project and program outcomes. Many projects fail because a key element of project success – stakeholder engagement – was neglected, undervalued, or poorly timed. An audience that feels ignored will be a frustrated audience. Since our founding, EcoLogix Group has made it a priority to build relationships with diverse communities whose voices have historically been underserved. We believe all parties affected by an organization’s decisions should be fully informed and engaged and feel that their input is truly valued. Ecologix Group can expand your capacity to listen, and see your relationships with stakeholders developed, nurtured and strengthened through trusted dialogue. One of EcoLogix Group’s strengths is the ability to build relationships with historically disadvantaged communities which are typically underserved and overburdened with pollution. With the evolving Justice 40 initiative of the federal government, knowledge of – and effective communications with – these disadvantaged communities are more important than ever. EcoLogix’s experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice is highly relevant in this new federal environment.

We Can Help


Government Agencies

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From mentoring young organizational leaders to being trusted advisers, EcoLogix Group has the depth of experience to make a difference. Our philosophy is to work with all stakeholders in an open, transparent and honest manner. EcoLogix Group will ensure that your organization is viewed as a valuable partner in achieving sustainable outcomes rather than in negative terms.

Public & Private Sector Project Developers

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With our thorough understanding of technical issues, EcoLogix Group is a great complement to your project delivery team’s technical work. We work with your technical team (staff and consultants) to develop a winning strategy for improving programs, facilities and operations.

Consulting Firms

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Few firms blend the unique management experience and stakeholder interests as does EcoLogix Group. That’s why we are often the firm chosen by engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms to supplement their project team working on complex and politically sensitive projects, or where specialized knowledge of environmental policy is required.


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EcoLogix can help with strategic communications, capacity building and developing partnerships to help grow your organization and achieve your goals. We can help you work with disadvantaged communities to find mutual opportunities in the federal Justice 40 Initiative.