Our Team

Experience – Value Added

We’ve served in roles like yours — we’ve been in your shoes. Let our experience and breadth of knowledge add valuable capacity to your team.
Beth Wojton Managing Principal
bwojton@ecologixgroup.comStrategic Thinker & Planner
Bob Hoyt Principal and Founder
bhoyt@ecologixgroup.comHighly Successful Consensus Builder & Relationship Artist
Rebekah Borgert Senior Associate
rborgert@ecologixgroup.comExperienced in the Field, Farm, & Lab
Kathy Broadwater Principal
kbroadwater@ecologixgroup.comSeaport & Maritime Practice Leader
Anthony Brown Principal
abrown@ecologixgroup.comPrioritizes Community in Communications
Missy Cassidy Principal
missyc@ecologixgroup.comOrganizational Dynamics Expert & Transportation Policy Architect
Jody Couser Communications Advisor
jcouser@ecologixgroup.comCommunications Pro
Cecelia Donovan Principal
cdonovan@ecologixgroup.comProgram Development & Management Problem Solver
Matt Fleischer Senior Associate
mfleischer@ecologixgroup.comBusiness Development & Marketing Maestro
Amy Gillespie Senior Associate
agillespie@ecologixgroup.comAccomplished Program Manager & Grants Leader
Barry Holliday Principal
bholliday@ecologixgroup.comDredge Expert & Former USACE Navigation Program Leader
Jennifer A. Hughes Principal
jhughes@ecologixgroup.comPublic Policy & Budget Authority
Peter Karasik, P.E. Principal
pkarasik@ecologixgroup.comSolid Waste Management, Contracts Management, and Environmental Compliance Expert
Janet Llewellyn Principal
jllewellyn@ecologixgroup.comWater Resource Expert & Environmental Problem Solver
Jeffrey McKee Principal
jmckee@ecologixgroup.comCorps of Engineers Navigation Funding Process Expert
Megan McSwain Associate
mmcswain@ecologixgroup.comSocial Media Maven
Ed Mihalski Senior Associate
emihalski@ecologixgroup.comDiesel Emissions Program Specialist & Research Maestro
Robert Pace Principal
rpace@ecologixgroup.comCorps of Engineers Navigation & Water Resources Planning Expert
Mamie Parker, Ph.D. Principal
mparker@ecologixgroup.comScientist, Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker
Steve Pattison Principal
spattison@ecologixgroup.comInnovator & Process Management Expert
Rick Sheckells Senior Advisor
rsheckells@ecologixgroup.comTeam Builder, Mentor, & Chief Dot Connector
Dan Spack Principal
dspack@ecologixgroup.comContracts Management & Environmental Compliance Expert
Robert Summers, Ph.D. Principal
bsummers@ecologixgroup.comInternationally-Recognized Expert and Water Resources Practice Leader
Steven Tomczewski Principal
stevet@ecologixgroup.comWaste Management Leader
Saeid Kasraei Principal
skasraei@ecologixgroup.comWater Quality & Quantity Expert