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Assessment and Adjustment of Stormwater Fees

Photo by Michael Coghlan

Why EcoLogix Group was engaged:

An industrial client was seeking advice on how the company’s rapidly increasing water bills could be reduced. Under federal direction, states in a particular watershed are required to reduce nutrient runoff into state waters. This resulted in some jurisdictions implementing stormwater remediation fees. In one political subdivision, the fee for business properties was added to customer bills for water usage and was based on a percentage of impervious surface on the property. For commercial users, this represented a substantial cost increase. The company engaged EcoLogix Group to review the new regulations to determine if the fees that were being assessed were accurate.

How EcoLogix Group Responded:

The subdivision used GIS as a basis for determining the percentage of impervious surface area and assessed its stormwater remediation fee on that basis. By researching property site maps, EcoLogix Group was able to work with the client to determine that certain areas the subdivision considered impervious were actually pervious and submitted that information to the subdivision. The subdivision agreed to the new calculations, thus reducing the assessment. In addition, EcoLogix Group advised the client to apply for certain credits to further reduce the fee. Through researching the regulations, EcoLogix Group found that our client was eligible to take advantage of these credits to realize further savings.


The client received a significant credit on its water bill, and the fee assessment was adjusted to take maximum advantage of allowable savings.


Dan Spack Principal
dspack@ecologixgroup.comContracts Management & Environmental Compliance Expert