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Assessing Contract Disputes

Why EcoLogix Group was engaged:

A quasi-governmental organization completed a control systems upgrade to one of its facilities and received a substantial delay claim from the general contractor after the project was complete. The delay claim sought reimbursement for labor, travel expenses, and equipment rental and jeopardized the progress of a sequential project. EcoLogix Group was engaged to assist because of its knowledge and experience in contract management, resolving contract disputes and managing the construction, startup and operation of industrial facilities.

How EcoLogix Group Responded:

The challenge was forensic in nature as the disputed work was completed a year earlier. EcoLogix Group extensively reviewed progress documents, schedules, operator logs, meeting notes, correspondence and miscellaneous project files, and conducted site visits to interview employees familiar with the facility and the work. Much of the effort involved analyzing documents to objectively evaluate which elements of the work were critical path items, when they were actually completed and ready for testing and, if problems were evident, which entity was responsible for delays, coordination errors and inefficiencies in the project.


As a result of the analysis, the client was provided with a clear summary of the events and responsible parties associated with the delays and was prepared to negotiate a resolution of the claim.


Dan Locke, P.E. / Peter Karasik, P.E.

Peter Karasik, P.E. Principal
pkarasik@ecologixgroup.comSolid Waste Management, Contracts Management, and Environmental Compliance Expert