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Maryland Clean Energy Center: What is Solar Oysters

What is Solar Oysters?
By MCEC | August 6, 2021
What is powered by the sun, provides nutrition, but decreases nutrients? Someday you might hear this question asked on Jeopardy, and you’ll want to be ready with the answer, “What is Solar Oysters?” read more: https://www.mdcleanenergy.org/what-is-solar-oysters/

The Fish Site: Restorative aquaculture: Solar Oysters

Solar Oysters’ Elizabeth Hines explains how the innovative agritech startup has ambitions to help restore native oyster reefs, improve water quality and – in the longer term – become “the John Deere of the oyster aquaculture industry.” Read more…

The American Family Farmer Podcast: Meet The John Deere of Oyster Aquaculture

Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan www.eastleighfarm.com begins with news that the new Administration has stopped payments from President Trump’s Farm Relief Program. Reportedly, 87% so far has gone to big food companies. Meat numbers are down 67% from the big producers, due to COVID. Local farmers have benefitted from this. Next, we meet Elizabeth …

EcoLogix Group, Inc. Adds Six New Members to the Team

On February 1, 2021, EcoLogix Group, Inc. Managing Principal Rick Sheckells announced the addition of six new members of the team, each of whom builds upon the diverse set of qualifications and expertise that we offer to our clients. Please join us in welcoming:
Beth Wojton, Principal
During Beth’s 32-year career with the Maryland Environmental Service …