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Helping a State Environmental Regulatory Agency Become More Engaged with and Understanding of Key Stakeholders

Photo by Bart Lumber

Why EcoLogix Group was engaged:

A state air agency was struggling with the lack of understanding among key stakeholders of progress made regarding ambient air quality. In particular, human health and environmental justice advocacy groups, businesses, educational institutions, underserved communities and government agencies seemed unaware of progress, and were calling for more action to improve air quality. EcoLogix Group was engaged to increase the agency’s capacity for stakeholder engagement activities and communications as well as create opportunities for establishing partnerships with stakeholders.

How EcoLogix Group Responded:

Using in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, coupled with strong relationships with key stakeholders representing a diversity of interests including advocacy groups, businesses, educational institutions, communities and government, EcoLogix Group identified and implemented opportunities for senior level regulators to engage directly with key stakeholders. The engagement resulted in a much deeper understanding and awareness of the accomplishments and challenges in managing air quality. As part of these stakeholder engagement activities, the EcoLogix Group team implemented pilot programs aimed at climate change and developed social media strategies and a variety of outreach materials such as videos, fact sheets, and infographics to aid in conveying key messages.


Partnerships have been created to implement various projects and programs with fellow agencies such as the state’s transportation and seaport agencies, as well as with advocacy groups, businesses and citizens in underserved communities.


Steve Pattison

Steve Pattison Principal
spattison@ecologixgroup.comInnovator & Process Management Expert