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Stakeholder Engagement

We apply our knowledge of issues and facilitation skills to help clients and stakeholders reach mutually beneficial outcomes. 

EcoLogix Group has significant experience in helping clients build effective partnerships, engage stakeholders, and pro-actively communicate with opinion makers in order to help clients achieve their organizational goals.  Our philosophy is that the best decisions are made by incorporating a full understanding of the issues and perspectives that are most important to the parties that consider themselves to be in any way affected by your decisions.  Everything we do for our clients builds off of this philosophy.  

EcoLogix believes that effectively engaging the public through direct communication with subsets of relevant stakeholders is critical to the sustaining a client over the long-term, as well as being critical to realizing the growth potential over the near-term.  A great deal of information is available to the public concerning seaports, especially pollution issues relating to the movement of goods and cargo through seaports.  Unfortunately, much of the information available is reflective of conditions in southern California ports, and those conditions and the related environmental issues are vastly different from most other U.S. seaports.  Without the proper context, misinformation can quickly supplant good information.

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Project Portfolios
Coke Point Dredged Material Containment Facility
Baltimore Port Alliance Environmental Committee
Pearce Creek and Courthouse Point
Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal at Sparrows Point, Maryland
Quality Partnership Initiative (QPI)
Southern Maryland Reliability Project - an Electric Transmission System Upgrade by the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative