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Southern Maryland Reliability Project  

An Electric Transmission System Upgrade by the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)

In 2007, SMECO prepared for the public introduction of a project intended to meet system demand and improve system reliability throughout its service territory. SMECO engaged EcoLogix Group as part of a team responsible for designing and implementing the public introduction of the project and supporting SMECO through the regulatory review process. 

The project included a submarine cable crossing of the Patuxent River. EcoLogix Group worked with the communication team to help craft key messages that would explain the project details to the public, including timelines, costs, anticipated impacts and mitigation of impacts. In addition, the team crafted a clear way of explaining the need for the project. Important in this consideration was effectively conveying that the project was required to meet demand and not to foster growth - a sensitive issue among local residential communities and elected officials. EcoLogix Group and the team conveyed information to stakeholders throughout 2008. 

EcoLogix maintained relationships and provided information about the project primarily to environmental stakeholders in the project area. The rollout was effective and the project advanced through the regulatory review by the Maryland Public Service Commission in a timely way, with SMECO experiencing neither delays nor unanticipated cost increases.
Rick Sheckells, Managing Principal 
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