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Robert Pace, Principal

Robert provides navigation program expertise to EcoLogix Group’s clients. He is a participant in the Quality Partnership Initiative of the American Association of Port Authorities and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in developing collaborative solutions to legislative, project delivery and communication issues in the navigation community. He also leads EcoLogix Group’s work supporting client justification of navigation and dredging projects.

Robert brings to EcoLogix direct experience in the planning and operations processes of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. His expertise is project authorization, budgeting, and appropriations processes, USACE Civil Works transformation initiatives, and WRRDA. He has direct experience in General Reevaluation Reports and Chief’s Reports for project construction authorization, civil works planning and policy interpretation, and administration and budgeting for Federal water resource planning studies.

As Chief of the Operations Division for the Baltimore District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, his responsibilities included operation and maintenance of more than 100 navigation projects. Robert also served as Chief of the Planning Division for the Baltimore District, and served as the strategic water resources planner to the U.S. Africa Command, NAD.

M.A. Geomorphology/Geography – Binghamton University
M.S. Business Management – The Johns Hopkins University