An Environmental Strategy Firm

Amanda K. Joyce, Associate

Amanda manages a variety of informational and communications resources for EcoLogix Group.  She provides research, analysis, fiscal and administrative support to project teams and has provided knowledge and expertise about community organizations and their priorities to the firm’s community engagement work.  Amanda is the lead staff person responsible for the firm’s contractual reporting requirements and she has developed an information and documents management system for the company.    

Amanda has served on the Board of Directors of the Radnor-Winston Community Association and is an active participant on the Govans Ecumenical Development Organization and York Road Partnership, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Prior to joining EcoLogix Group, Amanda performed administrative and paralegal duties for Prime Retail Property Management LLC, supporting construction accounting functions, including tracking job costs of construction projects, preparing contracts for vendors and overseeing building and renovation projects.  She helped resolve local environmental issues related to new construction projects.

A.A., Baltimore City Community College