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Innovative Reuse of Dredged Material 

As an urban deep water seaport, the Port of Baltimore is continually challenged to identify new placement options for the sediments dredged from navigation channels and berths. As one of only two U.S. East Coast ports presently able to accommodate the large vessels expected to arrive upon completion of the Panama Canal expansion project, the importance of maintaining precise depths and widths of navigation channels is greater than ever. Finding ways of cost-effectively managing the sediments, while maintaining public support for the management plan requires creative solutions.

EcoLogix Group assists the Port of Baltimore in both the technical and communications aspects of the innovative use of dredged material. Our Port client is currently exploring the potential for the manufacture of lightweight aggregates with dredged material through a public private partnership (P-3). EcoLogix Group facilitates an Innovative Use Advisory Committee, provides technical support and analysis to the client, provides policy and program support to the P-3 process and ensures that the Port's external stakeholders are aware of the efforts to identify cost-effective and innovative solutions to the ongoing challenges of long-term dredged material management.
Cathy Orleman, Principal
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