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Harbor Options Team

EcoLogix Group was the architect of the Port of Baltimore's Harbor Options Team. Established in 2003 as an advisory group to Maryland's Dredged Material Management Program, the Team consists of neighborhood representatives, local and regional environmental organizations, Port business representatives and local government officials. The Port, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other State conservation and resource agencies are not members, but participate as information resources for the Team.

Recommendations made by the Harbor Options Team have formed the basis of the Port's management plan for sediments dredged from the navigation channels and berths in Baltimore Harbor - on average, about 1.5 million cubic yards of dredged material each year. EcoLogix facilitates this energetic group of engaged stakeholders as they continue to play a key advisory role for Maryland's deepwater seaport, helping to balance community, economy and environmental needs to sustain Maryland's seaport industry. 
Steve Pattison, Principal
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